I found this 1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk very sad and incredibly neglected, rotting and partially dismantled on Whidby Island in Washington state. This is a very simple build for the most part. These bikes are quite beautiful and in my opinion look great stock from the factory. But of course i had to change a few things. I made the cafe seat from a spare CB77 fuel tank to continue the tank seam that runs down its middle. i felt that this helped to center the bike and give it a much more balanced feel. I absolutely love the CB77 ‘s stock early speedometer, so i simply tore it apart cleaned, rebuilt it and set the odometer back to zero. The Frame was painted with a glossy black single stage paint. All of the silver on the bike is actually raw oiled steel. I fully rebuilt the engine, boring two sizes up and crossing the transmission gearing for a smaller shifting ratio. This bike is perfect for cruising around town and jetting off on small trips.

Year Built2013Bike1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk PressPipe Burn, the1moto

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